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Everyone can use some support: your friend, a girl from your class, or someone on Insta.

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  2. 2.When someone signs up, YOU get rewards for helping others*
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Would you be willing to help Team Blue Fever make sure your βœ…family, βœ…friends, βœ…teammates, βœ…insta followers (anyone we're forgetting?!) know Blue is there for them too?

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*Smol* note from Team Blue Fever πŸ’™ :
hey loves!! we're so grateful for your interest in our Refer-a-Friend program!! basically.. the more young people who hear Blue Fever is a useful resource for emotional support, the more we can help this next generation achieve real-deal #selfesteem #confidence #selflove and more!

Our big sister dream is to make sure our *little sisters* in the BF community are prepared af to lead a stronger, more emotionally bad-ass world πŸ’ͺ!! We 100% know we cannot make Blue Fever as incredible as we plan to make it without your love along way, so thank you, thank you for supporting US πŸ’ž

– Team Blue Fever

Dancers from the TV show dance moms hug in support of one another.